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Summer prep: 4 DIY tips to maximise your windows this season

With the long awaited summer set to start on June 20, many Brits are keen to make the most of the brightening forecast and longer, sunnier days to come.

Experts from premium window and door designer, The Residence Collection, have revealed four window hacks to make the most of the welcome longer days while keeping cool among the summer heat.

  1. Swap out heavy curtains

Heavily lined curtains were designed to keep the heat in, so consider swapping these out for lighter, breathable options during the summer months.

Lightweight fabrics such as sheer curtains will invite more natural light and a summer breeze into your home, but also protect you during peak sunlight and heat too.

  1. Consider window film

Adding film to your windows has a wealth of benefits during all seasons. In particular during the summer, window film allows natural daylight to seep through the windows without intrusive heat breaking through too.

A bonus is that window film can protect against UV rays too, protecting your skin and preventing any fabric on your furniture from fading too.

  1. Add windowsill greenery – inside and out

Now is the time to start adding plants inside and outside, ready for summer. Certain indoor plants such as peace lilies and rubber plants can improve humidity in the air, ultimately cooling itself and your home too.

Outside, frame your windows with boxes or planters filled with vibrant flowers, trailing vines or herbs. The lush colours and greenery of the planters can create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere outdoors and indoors, continually connecting you to nature.

  1. Consider adding reflective surfaces

Incorporating reflective surfaces, like strategically placed mirrors or glossy finishes will really amplify the summer sunshine and when positioned correctly, will help you make the most of the longer daylight hours.

Place mirrors opposite windows to make the room more spacious and airy, and opt for metallic accents such as brass, copper and gold so even more light can be reflected. Plus they will create an inviting and warm atmosphere when the summer begins to cool.

Be sure to be mindful where you place your mirror as the sun’s rays can reflect onto nearby flammable items – such as window frames, curtains and furniture, resulting in potentially serious fires.

Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager at The Residence Collection, said: “With a long winter now behind us, it’s no surprise that Brits are keen to get their homes ready for the rising forecast.

“Many Brits are keen to make the most of the warmer weather but also want to create a sanctuary where they can take a break from the rising temperatures and utilising your windows abilities is the best way to do this.

“Windows are an incredibly versatile part of the home with the ability to affect temperature and natural light if utilised correctly. With the right additions, people can have an enjoyable summer inside and outside.”

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