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The benefits of triple glazing & why you should choose it for your new windows

No prizes for knowing that triple glazed windows are made using three panes of glass rather than the single pane of traditional windows, or the two panes used in double glazing.

What is worth a prize, however, are the benefits you’ll enjoy by having triple glazed windows installed in your home.

Put simply, by adding not just a second pane of glass but a third pane, you’ll see a a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency, along with a dramatic reduction in outside noise levels. 

Save on heating.

Triple glazing increases energy efficiency in two ways. Not only does it help to keep out cold air, it also helps prevent warm air escaping from inside. That naturally translates into reduced heating bills.

The energy efficiency is measured in what’s known as the ‘u’ value. The more efficiently your windows perform, the lower the ‘u’ value figure is.

For instance while single glazing might give you a ‘u’ value of 4.8, and double glazing a ‘u’ value of 1.2, triple glazing will produce a ‘u’ value of less than 0.8.

Residence Collection windows a certified window energy rating of A++, and achieve U-values as low as 0.74 W/m2K with triple glazing.

How does triple glazing work?

The spaces between the three panes of glass create two pockets which are filled with harmless inert gas, usually either argon, xenon or krypton.

These two inert gas layers, together with the three panes of glass, all combine to help stop heat loss from inside and cold air from outside.

Noise reduction.

The noise reduction advantages of triple glazed windows might be an important consideration for anyone living in an area with a high level of outside noise. In this case having three panes of glass with gas between them helps to keep outside noise outside.

Condensation reduction.

Triple glazed windows shine here too, for the simple reason that cold patches can appear in your home due to the difference in ‘u’ values between your windows and your walls.

The problem can be made worse by modern forms of wall insulation, meaning that normally your windows become colder than the rest of the house.

Here triple glazing has the advantage of greatly decreasing the ‘u’ value difference between walls and windows.

What about security?

Thanks to the extra two layers of glass, triple glazed windows are considerably more difficult to break compared with single or double glazed windows.

A further security advantage here is that triple glazed windows are a more premium product, and will therefore be more solidly constructed.   

Is triple glazing a popular choice?

As one more endorsement for the benefits of triple glazing, you might like to know that in Scandinavian countries, where lower temperatures are more frequently experienced than here in the UK, triple glazing is a standard feature.

Residence Collection windows are available in double or triple glazing. Start your Residence journey today. Download a brochure or find your local Residence Collection installer.



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