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The Gate House Reborn Thanks To R9

September 22nd 2016

Securing permission to replace dilapidated windows in a conservation area can sometimes be tricky unless the replacement windows are absolutely right.

They must possess a near identical styling to the originals so that the traditional character of the property is in no way compromised. Residence 9 regularly gets the green light from planners because of its incredible similarity to period window designs and ability to preserve a home’s age-old charm.

One of the latest examples of this occurred in Derbyshire where approved R9 installers West Yorkshire Windows integrated 25 Residence 9 windows at the Gate House, which overlooks the Hope Valley.

The 11th Century building is constructed from stone and features period features throughout. Its occupants chose to have the windows finished in our classic Grained White colour to further enhance its authentic appearance.

As Yorkshire’s no.1 home improvement company, West Yorkshire Windows only ever utilise the finest products, so it is a massive compliment that they hold Residence 9 in such high regard.

We have to say that their installation team have done an amazing job.

If you’re having problems finding suitable replacement windows for a conservation area, Residence 9 solves the issue.

You can find your nearest installer here.

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