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The perfect way to bring festive cheer to your door

December 10th 2019

The day is fast approaching where Father Christmas will be bringing you and your loved ones some much earned gifts, but is your home a true representative of your festive cheer?


The front of your home, especially your front door, is the same as a first impression. Spreading your festive flair to the front of your home could give you, and ones walking by, that added lift and smile they may need this festive season.


So. if you’re stuck for ways to decorate your doors or windows, then Residence is here to help. Here are a few tips from us:


There once shone lights so bright


Fairy lights are a Christmas staple, after all, what would a tree be without some soft decorative white lights or flashing colourful ones this Christmas? However, have you considered adding them to your windows, doors or entrance ways?


These simple lights add an emphasis on the festive cheer. By simply draping them around your windows and doors can make a hug difference, adding Christmas cheer whilst also representing the northern star followed in the nativity.


Plus, fairy lights can be found in all shops, meaning you won’t have to go hunting for them and as there are now battery ones available you won’t see a spike in your energy bills, so it’s a win-win situation.

Simply add a wreath


Now it may come as a surprise, but wreaths weren’t always used for the Christmas period. In Ancient Rome they were used as a symbol of victory, hung on front doors to share the news.


Now a Christmas time staple, festive wreaths can be seen in homes across the UK, and although they may seem a simple way to add some Christmas cheer, they are arguably the most effective. 


Popular in the UK, wreaths are available from many stores, or if you have that creative flair, then there are plenty of tips online or make your own sets available.

Just add a Christmas bow


Gaining popularity over the last few years, festive door bows can be seen on many front doors across the UK – making homes a present for the eyes.


Available online and in many shops, bows now come in more than just the traditional red colour we know and love. They come in a variety of colours and materials to fit any Christmas decor and let’s not forget they add a bit of Christmas cheer to passers by.


If your door doesn’t just need some Christmas decor, but replacing, contact one of Residence Collection’s specialists today.

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