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The Residence Collection predicts 2024 colour trends

Adapting to evolving consumer needs, the fenestration industry has also seen a shift in recent years, moving away from conventional white framed windows and embracing the introduction of trending colours.

As a result, window and door designers are following consumer trends by offering a wider range of colours to suit a variety of properties including new-build and period homes. The Residence Collection, for example, offers 23 standard colourways across 3 different window systems – R9, R7 and R2.

Experts at The Residence Collection have analysed their internal data on the most recent colour sample orders to predict the most popular window and door colours for the upcoming year.


Both installers and fabricators are recognising the need for more practical and maintenance-free window colour choices leading to the expected increasing popularity of grey.

Painswick from The Residence Collection has grown in popularity over the last quarter becoming one of the most popular colourways. Over the past quarter, Painswick has consistently emerged as the most favoured colour sample among orders at The Residence Collection. This is anticipated to continue and expected to gain further popularity in the upcoming year.

Painswick is available across all three systems R9, R7 and with dual colour options.

Colours like No.38 Grey, Corse Lawn, Painswick and Greyish from The Residence Collection are well-suited for the expected rise in coloured frames. This includes heritage properties, for instance, in a 1970s property, installer Andy Glass and fabricator HS Trade collaborated with The Residence Collection to install R7 flush windows, along with a bay window in the Corse Lawn, which has also seen an increase of nearly 40% in colour samples in the last three months.


With the The Farrow & Ball colour of the year leaning towards earthy tones, The Residence Collection is expecting to see green’s being incorporated into product ranges a lot more frequently.

Sage from The Residence Collection is a colourway which has remained extremely popular with installers and fabricators throughout 2023 which is expected to continue throughout the coming year with the colour samples increasing by nearly 50% since August.

In a recent installation, installer Fairmitre Shropshire Windows and Conservatories, in collaboration with fabricator HWL, implemented the R9 system in Sage on a Shropshire countryside property. This choice aimed to seamlessly incorporate elements of 19th Century architectural design, while ensuring the contemporary functionality and energy efficiency characteristics of the R9 system.

Sage, available across all The Residence Collection windows systems, boasts a smooth texture, and its colour options extend to both internal and external applications. Alternatively, the R9 systems offer an internal Grain White colourway, while the R7 and R2 systems are available with an internal colour option of Chalk White.


Installers and fabricators are also set to increasingly gravitate towards warmer neutral tones such as Clotted Cream, which is the second most ordered colour sample from The Residence Collection.

This colourway is available across all three systems – R9, R7 and R2 – with a textured, grained finish, presenting a classic and traditional tone infused with a hint of warmth.

In a property located on a private street in Peterborough, the transformation is evident with the application of Clotted Cream exterior with a Chalk White interior in R7 but installer Choice Windows and fabricator HS Trade. These windows not only enhance the aesthetics of the home but also with an A++ energy rating, provide significant energy savings.

Commenting, Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager at The Residence Collection says: “Window colour has seen consistent growth over the past couple of years throughout the industry. Our wide network of installers and fabricators have seen a demand towards non-traditional colours like green and textured grey shades. We expect this shift to become even more prominent in 2024s.

“At The Residence Collection, we present a diverse range of colours, providing fabricators and installers with the right offerings to offer consumers the most up to date trending window colours. This enables customers to express their unique style and aesthetic vision when updating their properties with top-of-the-range security and energy-saving properties included.. With our design expertise, installers and fabricators can also explore combinations of colours and features to enhance their customers’ experiences.”



At Residence Collection, we have a range of colours available and can offer everything from timeless classics like Grained White to modern favourites such as Eclectic Grey. Don’t forget, we also offer a dual finish that allows you to find windows and doors that look as good from the inside as they do outside.