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The year-round benefits of double and triple glazed windows

Most of us probably think of double glazed windows as an effective way to reduce heat loss from our home in the winter months.

But double glazing isn’t just an effective way of keeping your home warmer in winter. It also helps keep rooms cooler during spells of hot weather. They do this by trapping some of the sun’s rays coming through the windows, helping your home to stay cooler.

How extra glazing works.  

The benefits of double glazing can be enjoyed in all weathers because two panes of glass stop heat transferring from one side of your window to the other.

The air sandwiched between the two panes of glass in a double glazed window acts as an insulator, preventing heat from escaping. It’s this air sandwich that helps to keep your home warm inside when it’s cold outside.

In summer, this same air sandwich helps to limit the heat from outside into your home, preventing your home from becoming too hot.

Triple glazing?

Triple glazing is made up of three panes of glass within a sealed frame, while double glazing contains two. Between each pane is a pocket of air, or inert gas such as argon, which is heavier than air and works as an insulator for both noise and heat. 

The third pane of glass between the inner and outer panes of double glazing creates two air locks and can help improve the energy performance of regular double glazing.

The U-value factor.

U-values are used to measure the effectiveness of preventing heat loss from inside a building. The lower the u-value of a window, the better the insulation. The u-value takes into account the full window, glazing and profile.

The Residence Collection easily achieves the Document L regulation change coming into effect on all installations from 15th June 2022 (U-Value 1.4W/m2k & WER B).

All our windows and doors reach 1.2W/m2K as standard with double glazing.

Save on energy.

It stands to reason that if it takes less energy to heat or cool rooms when you have double glazing, this will reult in lower energy bills. And as said above, adding more layers of glazing will improve insulation levels and save money. 

Reduce condensation.

If you’ve ever had problems with condensation on the inside of your windows, double or triple glazed windows will reduce the amount of moisture on your window panes, preventing the build-up of condensation, and stop mould setting in.  

Lower noise levels.

If you live near a busy road or have noisy neighbours, then the sound insulation offered by extra layers of glazing will provide you with a quieter home life.

Prevent UV damage.

You’d be surprised how powerful the sun’s UV rays can be; over time they could damage your carpets, curtains and other furnishings. Double glazed windows can help reduce the amount of damaging light that enters a room.

Improve security.

Double glazed windows provide added security over single glazing thanks totwo panes of glass, which is more difficult to break. Having triple glazing only adds to this security..

Residence Collection Windows are designed to accommodate double or triple glazing, meaning you have the ability to create the best windows for your home – without compromising on design. Start your Residence Journey today by downloading one of our brochures or find your local installer using our handy search function.



At Residence Collection, we have a range of colours available and can offer everything from timeless classics like Grained White to modern favourites such as Eclectic Grey. Don’t forget, we also offer a dual finish that allows you to find windows and doors that look as good from the inside as they do outside.