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Triple The Beauty With R9

April 24th 2017

It wasn’t until a few years ago that triple glazed windows were made more readily available to UK homeowners as prior to that they were primarily used in Scandinavian countries.

But as energy bills started to spiral in cost (the average dual-fuel bill almost doubling over the past decade) demand for triple glazing increased and suppliers replied in kind by incorporating it into their product ranges.

This includes Residence 9 as you may not have known that we supply our timber inspired windows both double and triple glazed.

One of our approved installers, Matthews & Peart of Shrewsbury, were recently appointed to install 44mm triple glazed Clotted Cream on White R9 windows at a household in the area.

With over 50 years experience in glazing, it comes as no surprise that they have done a marvellous job. Look at how well the finish complements the colour of the front door for starters – you really can’t go wrong with such a classic colour.

The 44mm triple glazing ensures that a very high energy rating is achieved for excellent heat insulation and will reduce the amount of external noise that can be heard inside the property.

That extra pane of glass really does make a big difference and just adds to the enduring qualities of Residence 9.

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