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What Is Conservation?

March 16th 2018

We often hear about “conservation areas” and most of us know that replacing old windows and doors in properties located within them can sometimes be difficult, but what are they and why are they so significant?

A conservation area is defined as “an area of notable environmental or historical interest or importance which is protected by law against undesirable changes.”

Protection against these so-called undesirable changes is enforced so that the unique character of these areas is preserved and not spoilt by installations that look out of place.

There are 9,793 English Conservation Areas (as of June 2017) and over 500 Welsh Conservation Areas alone.

A further stumbling block for householders living in conservation areas is that an Article 4 direction may have been imposed upon the area by their local planning authority. This removes their permitted development rights and restricts them from making changes such as fitting replacement windows without planning permission.

Residence 9 to the rescue

When choosing a new window or door for a conservation area we endorse the undeniable brilliance of Residence 9 – a solution that has been specifically developed to mimic 19th Century timber designs.

Flush outside with equal sightlines and mechanical jointing, decoratively detailed on the inside, it matches the drawings found in Article 4 directions.

Because we have gone to such extreme lengths to recreate the appearance of traditional timber designs, local planners love Residence 9 and regularly give the green light to its installation in conservation areas. This is despite it actually being crafted from UPVC.

Utilising UPVC makes Residence 9 far more energy efficient and durable than a timber window or door and also completely maintenance-free. It will never rot nor need a fresh coat of paint every few months.

If you need to know anything more about Planning & Conservation, download and have a read of our brochure covering this subject in more detail.

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