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What To Know About Replacing Windows In A Conservation Area

There are over 8,000 conservation areas in England alone.

A conservation area, to give it its dictionary definition, is: “an area of notable environmental or historical interest or importance which is protected by law against undesirable changes.”

It forbids these “undesirable changes” to preserve the original character of homes within conservation areas and the place itself, something that unsympathetic windows fail to do.

When replacing windows in a conservation area you must do so with immense care.

You should begin by getting in contact with your Local Planning Authority and Building Control Service to advise them of your plans.

You may discover that an Article 4 direction has been enforced by the planning authority which basically requires you to make a planning application for any window replacement that would otherwise have been categorised as being a “permitted development”. Article 4 is there to protect conservation areas from work that threatens their character.

It can take several months for a decision to be made on whether you have permission to replace your ageing windows, so you’re best to plan well in advance.

Be advised that many planning authorities reject the use of standard UPVC windows in listed buildings and at homes in a conservation area as they’re considered to be an unsuitable solution.

Ok, what is the best solution?

Residence 9 is regularly accepted by planners for conservation areas because it is designed to match the drawings found in Article 4 directions.

Article 4 solely set outs the dimensions and detailing of how windows should look, not the type of material they’re made from. Although it is hard to believe, due to its resemblance to timber, Residence 9 is manufactured from UPVC and unlike most UPVC windows, this very rarely prevents it from getting the nod from planners.

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