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When is the best time to clean your windows? Our top tips to get your windows shining.

If your first thought on window cleaning is of a chore to be put off as long as possible, think instead of how much of a difference freshly cleaned windows can make. Everything looks altogether lighter and brighter, both outdoors and in, after a good window cleaning. And of course, cleaner windows let more light into your house. But when’s the best time to do it?


There are various reasons for why summer is a good time to clean your windows. For one thing it’s a fact that the sunnier it is, the dirtier your uncleaned windows will look. Sunlight accentuates streaks and grime, so you’re more likely to notice that they need cleaning and have more of an incentive to get them looking spick and span.

Then again, summer days are longer, which means you’ll have more time to notice that your windows haven’t been cleaned for a while.

The downside is that high temperatures or direct sunlight can cause cleaning solvent to evaporate more quickly, making it an uphill job that’s more likely to leave patchy smears.

Being precise about this, it’s often best to clean windows when temperatures are between 64 degrees Fahrenheit and early 70s. That is, just comfortably warm.

Early morning or a cooler day in summer, for instance. Or spring.


Many would say that the best time to clean windows is in the spring, just before the summer season starts; this is when the elements and temperature are more likely to be in your favour. Do your windows now, and they’ll be clean and sparkling ready for the summer sunshine. (Well, it’s always better to be optimistic.)

Seasons with milder weather, like spring and autumn, are going to be better for window cleaning in that you can avoid the heat and direct sunlight of summer, or the cold in winter.  

That said, while spring, early summer or autumn could well be the best times for a successful window cleaning session, you can still make a good job of cleaning your windows at any time of year with the right tools.


Many people would perhaps think that washing windows in the winter is a no-no because of frosty panes and frozen fingers, but even in lower temperatures you can still get the glass sparkling clean if you do it right.

If you do decide to clean your windows in winter, you’ll need to add a little car antifreeze to your window cleaning solution. And do use cool or cold water. Whatever you do, don’t use hot water for a winter window clean or you could cause the glass to shatter. Only ever use lukewarm water to defrost frozen windows.


On the other hand, the real decider might be the state your windows are in. Naturally a lot will depend on where you live. Town or country, your windows could be exposed to a fair amount of road grime, seasonal agricultural debris, pollen or dust, making more regular cleaning sessions necessary. In which case the best time to clean your windows is whenever you think they need it.

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