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When to replace wooden windows and why choose R9?

Have your wooden windows seen better days? Take a close look at yours. Are they showing their age? See if can spot the tell-tale signs of wear and tear, most of it is usually the result of being exposed to the perpetual onslaught of our ever-changing weather.

It’s a fact that all wooden windows will eventually need to be replaced.

We may be talking many years to come, but sooner or later the wood will show signs of decay. If their coat of paint begins to peel, the moisture will find a way in, the wood will lose its natural resistance to the elements. Joints will loosen. Then it’s only a matter of time before the rot begins to set in.

Other signs to look out for.

Over time, the sashes can swell and stick, and you could have a hard time opening and closing them properly. The wood surrounding the glass may have decayed, in which case rainwater can find its way in if the wood no longer makes a tight seal.

Ageing wood is also susceptible to mildew and mould – a sure sign that the weather is finding its way in. And if rain can get in, so can draughts. You’ll be losing money on heating, and your weakened windows could actually be a security risk.

Look on the bright side.

When it is time to replace your old wooden windows, you have the opportunity to fit something much better than new wooden windows. The Residence 9 Collection windows are genuine replications of 19th century flush windows, beautifully designed to the specifications of traditional timber designs.

Their mechanical joints give them an authentically sleek finish that replicates traditional sightlines. Such is their authentically elegant appearance, they are approved for usage in conservation areas with Article 4 directions in place.

The important difference is that The Residence Collection range are constructed from low-maintenance PVCu, which makes them an ideal alternative to timber options.

Why should I choose The Residence Collection rather than a traditional timber option?

The Residence Collection have exceptional thermal and acoustic properties.

In more detail, they are available with 44mm triple glazing or 28mm double glazing, so achieve U-values as low as 0.74 W/m2K with triple glazing and 1.2 W/m2K for double glazed options, with a certified window energy rating of A++.

The triple glazed options of the Residence range meet the PassivHaus standard, giving an indication of the exceptional levels of quality offered by these windows.

Besides which they are constructed to CEN A wall thickness and predominantly glass bonded. They are also fitted with multi-point locking systems as standard, making them extremely strong and secure.

The Residence Collection can be supplied in a range of colours and shades to suit period properties and individual tastes. Dual colour options, customisable handles, weatherbars and authentic butt hinges are available to add the perfect finishing touches.

Time to replace your wooden windows? If you want all the appeal of wooden windows, with the added strength, security and thermal properties of low-maintenance uPVC, The Residence Collection is your ideal choice.

Download a Residence Collection brochure today and start your Residence journey.



At Residence Collection, we have a range of colours available and can offer everything from timeless classics like Grained White to modern favourites such as Eclectic Grey. Don’t forget, we also offer a dual finish that allows you to find windows and doors that look as good from the inside as they do outside.