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Why Certass is important when choosing a window installer

When you’re thinking of upgrading or replacing glazed windows or doors, it’s important to choose an installer that will follow correct building regulations and provide you with a quality installation. For that reason, it’s important to check that your chosen installer is registered with Certass.  

What is Certass?

Certass is a Competent Person Scheme set up by The Department for Communities and Local Government to regulate the double-glazing industry.

Competent Person Schemes are regulatory bodies that support different trades and types of work within building, ensuring that these meet building regulations.

Certass was set up to ensure better thermal performance from double glazing installations. The regulations also cover ventilation and fire safety, and all double-glazing installations need to meet certain criteria.

To register with Certass, a company is assessed according to specific licence requirements and industry standards to prove the quality of its installations. Certass insists that all its members follow strict installation standards.

Why is Certass important?

Certass protects your interests as a homeowner by regulating the quality of the companies that are registered, so you can be sure of the quality of the installation when you hire an accredited company.

Certass also protects your deposit, which means the deposit cannot be withheld if the installation can’t be completed. It also means you’re protected against poor installation quality.

In short, for a homeowner, a company with the Certass seal of approval gives consumers peace of mind, assuring them of the quality of the products, service and workmanship they will receive.

After the work has been completed, Certass-registered companies who are part of the Competent Person Scheme have the authority to supply the homeowner with a certificate of compliance, removing the need for the local authority to inspect and approve the installation.

Is Certass the same as FENSA?

Certass is not the same as FENSA, but it is much like FENSA in being a recognised and trusted certification of installation quality. Certass-registered companies are a guarantee of quality workmanship. For that reason, homeowners look for Certass certification from member installers when purchasing replacement windows and doors.

An additional benefit is that the Certass certificate is also proof that the installation was completed by a Certass registered company when you come to sell your property.

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