Why Our French Doors Will Bring The Outside Indoors
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Why Our French Doors Will Bring The Outside Indoors

June 25th 2018

Will this very gloriously warm and sunny un-British like weather ever end? Let’s hope not and it seems as though many Residence Collection customers share our optimism as we have received an influx of requests for our fabulous French doors in recent weeks as householders look to better link their indoor and outdoor living environments. No-one wants to be stuck indoors when the weather is like this and the large double opening of a French door means that you don’t have to be. Entering into your garden will be something you can do in sophisticated style thanks to their unmissable presence. When you have no choice but to remain indoors, you can always use the French doors for ventilation and to retain some sort of connection with the outdoors. Shut a set of French doors closed and the light that travels through the glass will magnificently illuminate your interior, heightened further if you include accompanying side panels in the design. Our French doors are also worth the investment for several other reasons… Authentic colours and hardware French doors bought from the Residence Collection are very different to most French doors as we supply our French doors in a number of authentic finishes and with period hardware (handles, hinges etc.) Security We have a national network of approved installers and they all fit our products to the highest of standards. No matter how determined a person may be, there will be no shifting our French doors when they’re locked as they encompass numerous secure features, including a hi-tech locking system. Minimal maintenance It shocks people when they discover the entire Residence Collection is crafted from UPVC and not timber as they anticipate. UPVC is fully weather-resistant, so any cleaning you need to do will be infrequent and easy to do. Our two most recent French door installations utilised two door systems within the Residence Collection – R9 and R7, finish in Silvered Oak and Golden Oak respectively. You can see these impressive projects and a whole host of others on our Facebook page.

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