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Why Residence Collection Is The Only Choice For Your Home?

November 26th 2019

Known for our beautiful and top quality products, Residence Collection brings a wealth of premium windows and doors, perfect for every home and made right here in Great Britain.

Originally started in 2011, Residence is a range of British products for the British home, but why are they one of the best out there?

Reducing Energy Bills since 2011

Not many things you buy can help reduce your bills, but our windows and doors can.

We have customers at the heart of everything we do, so we want to help ensure your energy bills not only reduce, but continue to stay low.

All our products, through our robust design, obtain a certified window energy A++ WER rating, far surpassing the requirements set by the British Building Regulation.

With the cold nights rolling in, keeping warm and having the highest energy efficient house products is important and that’s where we step in. Don’t let a draught effect your overdraft.

Keeping You Safe

Although it may come as bit of a shock, house burglaries rise by 25% in the colder months.

Yet, many home still have those less secure windows and doors from many years ago.

At Residence, each collection of windows are rater with the highest standards. Our windows are glass bonded, meaning the glass is bonded to the sash but with the bead inside instead of outside.

This small change on our windows enhances the security and overall strength of the products, meaning our customer can have peace of mind knowing their family and belonging are safe in their home.

The Outside Out and Inside In

Whilst your old windows may have been suitable 10/15 years ago, our new windows and doors significantly reduce noise.

Residence Collection windows and doors not only keep outside noise pollution from coming into your home and disrupting your comft, but they also stop any inside noise from escaping – meaning you can have carry on with the festival party this year!

Plus, with our products suitable for double and triple glazing, you can benefit from excellent acoustic protection without having to compromise on beautiful design.

All The Beauty

Whilst we can tell you about all the practic things our products offer, of course you want windows and doors with the perfect look and feel of them – Residence Collection won’t disappoint.

With a diverse range of colours and designs to fit every house, you’ll find the perfect product for your home to make your home the envy of all your neighbours.

Plus, you also have the option of choosing a dual finish, meaning you can have contrasting internal colours that compliment the inside of your home without having to compromise on the outside design.

With customers at the heart of everything we do and products to suit every home, why not get in touch with a specialist today.

Make your dream home a reality with Residence Collection!

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