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Why You Should Start Getting Your Home Winter-Ready Now

August 24th 2019

Strictly is about to return to our TV screens, the kids are heading back to school and the weather is slowly starting to turn. All of this can only mean one thing – winter is on its way.

Can you say with complete confidence that your home is properly prepared for the winter weather? Are you certain that you won’t be feeling draughts and overusing your heating once temperatures take a nosedive?

If you have doubts on this score, winter-proofing measures need to be taken at home now, before it’s too late.

You won’t be left shivering indoors after implementing these three changes…

1. Upgrade your windows to Residence windows

It could be the inability of your existing windows to keep out the cold that’s causing draughts and expensive energy bills. This is typical of original timber windows as they age so quickly and provide a poor standard of insulation.

Replacing them with any window suite within the Residence Collection will improve thermal comfort and also retain the traditional character of the house. The low U-values offered will also lower your energy costs pretty dramatically.

2. Put a solid roof on your extension

If the only thing stopping you hosting the Christmas dinner in your conservatory is its excruciatingly cold atmosphere in winter, you should exchange your existing roof for a solid tiled roof.

This lightweight roof covering has replica tiles and slates that will restore year-round comfort and also complement the tiles / slates on the roof of your house. It only takes a matter of days to fit a solid roof too if you want a cosy Christmas in the conservatory.

3. Clear out your roofline

Unfamiliar with the word ‘roofline’? You may better know it as the fascias, soffits, bargeboards, cladding attached to the house which are collectively meant to protect the building from water damage.

They need to be kept clear of debris, leaves, mud etc. if they’re to do that, so grab a ladder or ask a roofline specialist to remove any potential blockages.

Residence Windows will though do far more than just get your home winter-ready. They’ll enhance its appearance no end, as our Gallery page will demonstrate.

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