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Solutions for Planners and Homeowners in Conservation Areas

Replicate 19th Century Timber Window Designs With Modern Features And Benefits The design brief for Residence 9 was to extract the key principles, shapes and dimensions from the Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines for windows, and integrate market leading technology into the design using virtually maintenance free materials. Residence 9 is thermally and acoustically brilliant. It features the latest security, maintenance and performance innovations, whilst appearing traditional. Your windows and doors won’t warp, swell, flake or need sanding and painting. Authenticity & Energy Efficiency Residence 9 has 9 chambers and is 100mm wide, resulting in superior thermal, acoustic, strength and security performance. It achieves a certified window energy A+ rating and accommodates the most thermally and acoustically efficient 44mm triple glazing and 28mm double glazing. Attaining U-values of 0.8 with triple glazing, PassivHaus Standard, and 1.2 with double glazing far surpassing the British Building Regulation requirements. All of this contributes to lower energy bills, keeping you cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

What is a Conservation Area?

conservation /ˌkɒn.səˈveɪ.ʃən/ noun
An area of special architectural interest, the
character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

A conservation area is an area of specific architectural or historical interest, the character or appearance of which is desirable to preserve or enhance. Many of our towns,
villages and cities rely on historic windows for much of their architectural impact and character. Inappropriate, poor quality replacement windows can easily erode traditional features on historic buildings.

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Authentic Features

19th Century timber windows were hand crafted and in order to truly replicate the features of this window style, Residence 9 combines the repeatability of modern machining processes with the eye of a craftsman. With a range of authentic styles and configurations, Residence 9 allows you to recreate and preserve traditional details, redefining modern windows and doors.

With the Residence 9 Georgian Bar you can recreate the pattern of the original windows to preserve your home’s character or add new personality with the flair of designing your own patterns.

A traditional 'drip bar' can be added as an option, this is not only aesthetic it adds strength to the transom mullion for larger windows.

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Case Study - Oast House

Oast Houses were designed for kilning hops as part of the brewing process. In the early 19th Century these distinctive circular buildings with conical roofs appeared across the country in response to the increased demand for beer!

This beautiful British building was brought back to its former glory and converted to a residential property. Residence 9 was specified which restored the period detail required due to its authentic 19th Century timber aesthetics. A Grained White finish and traditional butt hinges preserve the kerbside appearance, whilst the contemporary design features and virtually maintenance free materials are perfectly suited to modern living.

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