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Our planet is an extraordinary place we call home and at The Residence Collection/Window Widgets we want to help create a more sustainable and better shaped future, inspiring our employees, customers, and local community to be part of it.

Sustainability is linked to our company values of respect, integrity, and honesty, with clear objectives we would like to achieve:

• To inspire and support our customers and suppliers to be part of the journey
• To challenge our business to continuously improve and build on our environmental policy
• Strive to be the leader for sustainability within the window industry
• To be open and honest in all our communications

February 2021 was a huge landmark for us as a company, our head office in Gloucester achieved a zero-landfill mark. It was a 2 ½ year recycling programme that has worked on the resources and processes to lead us towards this goal.

We have 19 different recycling processes in place, with detailed procedures and compliance activities.

See our journey below:

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