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BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK – Our 5 Best Energy Saving Tips

January 15th 2019

There’s a good chance that you won’t be aware that it’s Big Energy Saving Week in the UK from next Monday. Established a few years back by Citizens Advice, it is a national campaign designed to help people cut the cost of their household fuel bills and get eligible financial support.

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Round or Arched Windows?

Many period homes feature arched frames on in the hallways or stairwells. Residence 9 can be formed into shapes to replicate your originals. The more generous the Radius the better, but you can go down to around a 600mm diameter circle.

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Leaded Lights and Georgian Bar

You can specify any shape and spacing of Georgian Bar or Leadwork for Residence 9. These properties demonstrate good examples of correct spacing and proportions.

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Spot the Difference?

The right hand property features Residence 9. Note the correct sightlines, flush sash, period detailing to the cornerpost.

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Beautiful Windows make Beautiful Homes

Just look inside at this beautiful Residence 9 installation. The elegance is achieved with the equal sightlines, deep decorative detailing on all the 100mm profiles and the period handles just finish off a perfectly framed view.

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Oak, Oak and Oak!

17th Century windows were made from Oak and were left unpainted and never stained. 19th Century windows were made from Softwood and painted.

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